contact: Andi Bandyopadhyay

Hello fabulous researchers,

Springboard, an online education startup that provides courses in UX design and data science, is hiring a user researcher for a short (2-3 week) contract. Their director of data science education (my husband Raj) is the hiring manager, so obviously I’m not taking this one. 🙂
Job description and application here:
If you have any questions about the role, your best bet is to submit an application. It’s a tiny startup and they’re hungry for research help. 🙂

User Researcher

San FranciscoCaliforniaUnited States Contract Allows remote

At Springboard, we are on a mission to bridge the skills gap by delivering high-quality, affordable education for new economy skills. We have helped thousands of people around the world pick up new skills quickly and effectively, helping them level up their careers to more relevant roles.

Project Description

We are looking for a User Researcher (local or remote) for a 2-3 week contract project. The goal of the project is to understand the factors that determine whether a student who signs up for a free trial for a course ends up enrolling as a paying customer. In order to do this, we would like to identify all aspects of the student experience during the free trial that might influence a student’s decision to stay on. Some examples of questions that we would like to answer:

  • How do students perceive the curriculum, the platform and the community?
  • Do students feel well-supported during the free trial?
  • Should we ask students for their credit card info at the beginning or the end of the free trial?
  • Overall, does their experience during the free trial inspire confidence in Springboard?

However, in order to answer these questions, we’ll have to understand our students at a deeper level:

  • What motivates students to sign up for a free trial?
  • What were they looking for in a course?
  • What is their learning style and life situation, and how does it affect their experience with us?

You’ll design and conduct an in-depth study to provide us with actionable business insights.

Your responsibilities

  • Understand our product and the problem deeply through discussions with the Springboard team.
  • Conduct in-depth interviews with students who have participated in the free trial. You will define the process: study design, participant recruitment, interview protocol, actual interviewing, analysis, and reporting. Our students are located all around the world, so your interviews may have to be conducted remotely.
  • Provide recordings and detailed notes/transcripts from the interviews in a way that the data is retained for future analysis
  • Communicate your results and actionable insights in compelling and creative ways to the Springboard team, help us make confident decisions around our product and our curriculum, and build empathy and intuition for our users.


  • An experienced User Researcher (or a UX Designer with a strong focus on User Research)
  • A solid research background and portfolio, sharing insightful stories from your research, the impact it had, and examples of how you deliver your research findings to your team.
  • Deep understanding of qualitative interviewing and research techniques, with a passion for quickly translating your research findings into valuable, actionable insights for the business.
  • Excellent communication and people skills.


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