eBay Design Research is looking for two contract roles at the moment – one mid-senior and another perfect for someone at the start of their career.

For the mid-senior role, among the standard expectations for a qualitative design researcher, we have a specific focus of:

* Contribute to success of currently-scoped product roadmaps through testing and learning from launch

* Bring business sellers to life inside eBay to uncover unmet needs. Includes field visits.

* Translate unmet needs into new product features

* Advocate for customer needs across rest of the organization

* 5+ years’ experience

* Confident in qualitative methods, can partner with analytics resources to drive deeper insights

The junior researcher will be responsible for executing a bi-weekly testing program, again with small-business sellers. These users are fascinating and very diverse, so we need someone with a strong analytical mindset to pull apart hidden patterns in their responses and who can grow into a fantastic product partner.

The eBay Design Research team is rapidly growing. I lead the team for Selling and Payments, and in the last 12 months alone we have grown from three to eight (once we have filled these roles). The whole Design Research & Strategy team is over 20 strong.

We’re focused on driving better decision making, with the support of the senior product leaders. For instance, we recently got funding for a role dedicated to “Seller Empathy” whose mission will be to dramatically increase the amount of seller contact that eBayers can get. (This isn’t the role I’m talking about above).

It’s exciting times and we’re looking for fantastic people who can help us on the next step in our journey!


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