Run the World is hiring Lead Designer

Problems We Solve

Run the World is a seed stage company backed by Andreessen Horowitz and we are a platform that digitalizes conferences so people from all over the world across industries can make meaningful connections and learn the latest knowledge through a shared, video-first, live experience within a few clicks. We have helped dozens of communities gather in the past 2 months, from hundreds of first-year product managers from 20 countries, to wildlife preservation advocates, from first time entrepreneurs to mid-career women.

What does this role do?

As our founding designer, you are redefining how meaningful we can help people create connections online, so progress can be made in those industries and collaboration opportunities can be created. You are responsible for designing interactive video-first experience that help people feel closer with like-minded people in another hemisphere so they can do something bigger together. We are pondering the following design questions in the past month:

  • How can we help match people with shared business interests and motivate them to start a conversation?
  • How can we help people to feel connected with the industry expert through live videos?
  • How can we design a truly interactive and non-awkward digital networking hour?
  • What are the new talk formats we can provide to enable intimate interactions between speakers and attendees so no one falls asleep?


  • Build the design vision for the company
  • Create the design system of the company
  • Design and prototype the end-to-end experience for our 1.0 Product
  • Contribute to all stages of the design process from user research to wireframes and shipping the product
  • Report directly to our CEO.
  • Help with Brand Design, Landing Page etc.

Who are we looking for

The best candidate is someone who:

  • has designed for world famous products but get frustrated by the lack of progress or innovation, and they want to feel they are wowing themselves and disrupting things again
  • has experience with design and prototyping tools like Sketch, Principle, Figma, Framer etc. and strong in interaction design
  • is called “creative”, “bizzare”, “crazy”, or even “weird” by their friends or colleagues
  • is a long-term visionary who loves to redefine things and create new experiences that matter
  • moves fast and loves the startup speed
  • Prior social, video, dating, consumer experience a strong plus

About Run the World

Founded by product and engineering veterans from Facebook and Instagram, Run the World is a venture-backed startup funded by top tier VCs in Silicon Valley and China. We are already getting customers and generating revenue.

Run the World is a global stage for people with shared interests or expertise to engage with each other and learn through shared live experiences. Leveraging the latest mobile and video technologies, Run the World enables people worldwide to make meaningful connections and effective collaborations within a few clicks in their mobile phones.

How does it Feel Like to Work Here?

  • We are extremely down to earth and we don’t tolerate bullshit. We like to keep things as real as possible and don’t like framing fairy tales all day
  • We trust our people and believe the best way to do good work is to ensure everyone gets to release their true potentials and get their passion turned up to the highest level
  • We have a lot of energy and we believe in getting things done
  • We are very ambitious
  • We like to keep our quirks and appreciate others’ quirks. We value being able to be our true authentic selves and let haters hate.

How to Apply

Does this role sound like a good fit? Email our CEO, Xiaoyin Qu, at Latte (or Matcha Latte, even better) is on us. We just want to socialize and chat! It will be fun. Just email with subject line “Latte requested”, and attach your portfolio. We will be in touch.


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