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As per the Hiring Manager they are loking for:

  • A mix of a UX designer as well as a UI developer would be ideal. But, the HM can look at a UX designer who can work with front-end development.
  • This person will be designing, working with users, prototyping for the first 2 months and then work on design as well as development of UI-frontend code in ReactJS.


We are looking for a talented UI/UX designer with strong interest and capabilities in the design and development of engaging user experiences. As a UI/UX Software Designer/Developer, you will be primarily responsible for designing a user experiences for our custom web applications. The ideal candidate should have a passion for usability, an eye for visual consistency and strong problem solving skills.


Primary Job Responsibilities

  • Responsible for designing the visual layout and functional behavior for web-based systems with the goal of transforming complicated processes and concepts into simple, intuitive user flows and interfaces which will enhance the overall appeal to the end user experience.
  • Mock up user interfaces to collaborate with stakeholders to refine specifications and requirements and ensure that final designs meet the needs of the business.
  • Develop wireframes, behavioral specifications and personas to communicate use cases.
  • Collaborate with internal teammates on user experience to obtain an in-depth understanding of the product and the benefits and value-points to all levels of users
  • Must be an avid and active listener to the people for whom they are designing a product to understand their needs and goals
  • Direct the visual appearance of all new features and enhancements with our software application to ensure ease of use and active engagement
  • Initiate, suggest, and spearhead major UI re-factorings for a more intuitive user-experience
  • Act as the user-advocate during the development process, subjecting early-stage designs to usability testing or expert review, and offering implementation suggestions from a user-centered perspective
  • Evaluate the quality of the user experience. Test, analyze and report results, and make recommendations to improve effectiveness, efficiency, and overall satisfaction of the user
  • Consistent use of group tools such as Jira, Confluence for tracking of defects and management of code.
  • Independently manage time and prioritize tasks to achieve results within cost and schedule constraints.

TOP SKILLS from Hiring Manager: 

  • Top skillset requirements: Design-Adobe Creative Cloud suite or equivalent. Knows off the shelf templates and work to fit into rapid development. Wireframing-JustInMind, Sketch, etc. Prototyping, development-HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, ReactJS
  • The framework is ReactJS



  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or design related field or equivalent
  • Minimum 5 years of software development experience
  • In-depth knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3, BootStrap3, XSLT, XML and JavaScript
  • Commanding grasp of UX/UI practices and ideation tools.
  • Able to develop Base UI including CSS, Plugins and Frameworks using creative tools such as Adobe Creative Cloud product suite, Justinmind
  • Able to provide workable UI screens developed with Razor/Html/JavaScripts/CSS with place holder for service/API calls as per user stories
  • Able to work in coordination with backend developers and share the work load.
  • Good eye for aesthetics: layout, grid systems, color theory and typography
  • Experience with MVC, MVVM design patterns and Single Page Applications
  • Experience with graphic design and related software, such as Photoshop
  • Experience with Data Visualization
  • Excellent collaborative, communication, interpersonal skills
  • Excellent analytical, technical documentation and presentations skills
  • Ability to lean and evaluate new tools, concepts, and challenges quickly.
  • Client service focus and flexibility in supporting client requests.

Additional Qualifications

  • Experience with Agile development practices
  • Experience with AngularJS and/or React.js Node.js



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