[Tech for Change] – 线上Hackathon报名开始


好的产品不仅仅带来的是经济的收益,更可以带来强大的social impact。在Covid期间,我们看到很多科技产品推动了疫情的监测和防疫措施的实施,极大的推动了社会秩序的恢复。我们能不能也用科技及互联网产品专业知识,创造出改进Asian Hate Crime问题的解决方案呢?


May 17th – Jun 6th



同时我们正在招募志愿者🙋🙋‍♂️,具体的工作包括Judges Mentor & Participant Coordination and Communication,感兴趣的朋友私信联系lydialovespapaya。

As we continue to see more horrific hate crimes and discrimination against the AAPI community, we have been hard at work and just finalized our next event in time for the AAPI Heritage Month: #HackForChange (May 17th – Jun 6th). We aim to rally the tech community to create products that hopefully bring more positive social change.

We are looking for product people and developers across the globe to contribute, including but not limited to product prototypes, coding, user experience design, social impact models, and/or social campaigns.

Join us at https://lnkd.in/g3KNdMK !

Who are we?
Tech For AAPI Alliance was formed in early 2021 to unite various stakeholders across the tech community, to support and uplift the AAPI community and fight all discrimination and hate crimes.

On April 2nd, we hosted the #TechforAAPI Virtual Rally, with Adam MosseriBill JiaDeborah LiuEric KimEugene ZhangEvan LowHan ShenHans TungJosh ConstineRunxiong (Ken) LianLake DaiLi FanLi JinSuzanne St. John-CraneTom GilesVijay BharadwajXiaoliang “David” WeiYardley Pohl, and many leaders, as well as ~800 people in the tech community.

Hackathon Homepage:https://www.techforaapi.org/hackforchange