UI/UX Designer (Junior-Senior)

Remote Full time employee

1+ year experience preferred


“Responsibilities 岗位职责:

Design comprehensive UX workflow and wireframes, layout and user interface, resulting in low to high fidelity prototypes to maintaining and enhancing design for web and mobile applications based on requirements received from product managers and other user-centered design processes, user experience principles, and techniques.
根据产品经理和其他以用户为中心的设计流程、用户体验原则和技术的要求,设计全面的 UX 工作流程和线框、布局和用户界面,从而生成低保真到高保真原型,以维护和增强 Web 和移动应用程序的设计 .
Design and prototype with tools such as Figma, Sketch, Axure, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effect, Flinto, InDesign, and Adobe XD.
使用 Figma、Sketch、Axure、Photoshop、Illustrator、After Effect、Flinto、InDesgin 和 Adobe XD 等工具进行设计和原型制作。
Design and conduct usability tests and gather user insights for further product optimization.
Collaborate with product managers, customer service, and sales to conduct user research with selected customers and to develop a core understanding of user personas, user journey map, user scenarios, etc.
Support the maintaining and updating of the UI component of our design system, guide and advise fellow designers and engineering team in the project implementation.
支持维护和更新我们设计系统的 UI 组件,在项目实施中对其他设计师和工程团队进行指导和建议。

Requirements 任职要求:

Have a BA/BFA/BS in HCI, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, or related design experience.
拥有 HCI、平面设计、工业设计或相关设计专业的本及以上学历。
Experience in designing for enterprise system products is a plus.
1-3 years experience with end-to-end product design as a UX or interaction designer, with a strong background in visual design.
具有UX 或交互设计师工作经验、1-3 年端到端产品设计经验,具有强大的视觉设计背景。
Solid design philosophy, deep understanding and practical experience in user experience design and related fields.
Self-motivated and have the ability to clearly communicate design rationale and conceptual ideas to designers, product managers, and engineers.
Expertise with design tools such as Figma, Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, Axure PR, InVision, Zeplin, Flinto, etc.
精通设计工具,如 Figma、Sketch、Adobe Photoshop、Axure PR、InVision、Zeplin、Flinto 等。
Fluent written and oral communication skills in Mandarin and English.